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Install wpcontroller on DigitalOcean

1. Create a wpcontroller Droplet on Digital Ocean

Create a wpcontroller Droplet using the wpcontroller app in the DigitalOcean marketplace.

It is recommended that you deploy a server with 1 GiB memory and at least 1 CPU core for each WordPress web site you will run.

See: server resource requirements

2. Open required ports on your Digital Ocean firewall

Using Digital Ocean's Networking Firewall feature, open the required ports:


Direction Port Protocol Purpose
Inbound 22 TCP SFTP / SSH
Inbound 80 TCP TLS verification
Inbound 443 TCP Web traffic

Note: restricting access on port 22 to necessary IP addresses is a good security practice.

3. Register your instance

Once your server is running, visit and enter the public IP address of your server. It may take 1-3 minutes to become available.


Check the wpcontroller log

sudo less /var/log/wpcontroller.log

Check the wpcontroller systemd journal

sudo journalctl --unit wpcontroller

Check the wpcontroller installer systemd journal

sudo journalctl --unit run-wpcontroller-installer

Need help?

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