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Reset admin password

1. SSH into your server

SSH into your server to access the wpcontroller command line interface (CLI).

2. List admins

Display the IDs of the admins on your wpcontroller instance.

$ sudo wpcontroller admin list

ADMIN ID                   EMAIL                      ROLE             CREATED             
-------------------------  -------------------------  ---------------  --------------------
adm_cd4o7qs4b9v4veal5820          Super Admin      24 Oct 24 10:24 UTC 

3. Reset password

Reset the password of the admin account using its admin ID.

$ sudo wpcontroller admin reset-password adm_cd4o7qs4b9v4veal5820

ADMIN ID                   EMAIL                      ROLE             PASSWORD            
-------------------------  -------------------------  ---------------  --------------------
adm_cd4o7qs4b9v4veal5820          Super Admin      XxuroWS7B_gm-iQy    

4. Sign in

Sign in to your wpcontroller instance with the new generated admin password.